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Additional Languages

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The Language Centre also oversees courses in additional languages. An additional language is any language not included in the permanent EUI language offer. 


Procedure for enrolling in a course in an additional language

  1. Just before each new term (mid-September, mid-November, mid-March) the Language Centre will send an email asking if you are interested in learning an additional language.
    If at least 5 people express interest within 5 days, a course will be organised.

  2. The Language Centre Assistant will put interested learners in contact with possible teachers. 
    Where possible, the Language Centre will try to find a teacher from within the EUI community.

  3. Please note that it is not always possible to find a teacher for every language requested. 

  4. Once the course has been set up, the Language Centre will advertise it. If new students join, the costs will be lowered correspondingly.  


How much does a course in an additional language cost?

  • Participants must pay for additional language courses. Once the Language Centre has a list of participants, it will send you an email informing you of the fee. 

  • Your department or unit may cover your course fees. For more information, apply directly to them.

  • The greater the number of participants, the lower the cost per person. 

    If new students enrol in the course once it has been publicized, the costs will be lowered.

  • If your fees are not covered by your department or unit, you must pay before the course starts.  

Do you want to teach an additional language?

If you want to teach a language course, contact the Language Centre Assistant


  • your CV
  • name and surname
  • EUI department, EUI status or, if you are not a member of the EUI, current job/qualification details
  • language you can teach
  • available time/s and day/s

What support does the Language Centre provide for additional language courses?

The Language Centre

  • sets up the course
  • liases between participants
  • provides administrative assistance
  • provides a teaching room
  • provides photocopying facilities


One-to-one language exchanges

If you find that there are not enough people to make a group, you can look for someone from the EUI to 'exchange' languages with. Go to Tandem Language Learning and sign up to the list.


Page last updated on 17 October 2017