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Text Revision Service

The EUI Text Revision Service helps PhD and LLM researchers to develop their academic writing, and express their ideas more effectively. All texts that are sent to this service are revised by teachers of Academic Writing. The service is not a proof-reading service. 




Who can have their work revised by the Text Revision Service?

If you are an EUI researcher you can use the service provided you meet one of the following requirements:

  • you have been exempted from following academic writing courses
  • you are a native speaker of English
  • you have followed at least 80% of an academic writing course



If I cannot use the Text Revision Service, how can I get my work revised?

If you are a Max Weber or Jean Monnet Fellow, you must apply to your own programme for correction.

If you are any other kind of Fellow, you must organise and pay for correction privately.  

If you are a visiting researcher, you must organise and pay for correction privately.


All EUI members looking for a private corrector can check the List of correctors.

Revision is offered for the following:

  • Departmental papers (max. 5-10 pages)
  • Second-year chapters (max. 20 pages)
  • Purpose statements, Teaching statements, Letters of application etc.
  • Articles, conference papers, working papers, etc. can also be corrected internally, at the discretion of the English Unit.
If you want a revision of your whole paper, make a special request to the English Unit.

For editing of complete PhD or LLM theses check the Thesis Editing page.

Go to the Real Estate and Facilities pages for Official and institutional documents and translations.


When does the Service accept papers for revision?

The English Unit accepts papers for revision from the end of September to mid-June. 

If you want a correction between mid-June to end of September, you will have to find a corrector and pay for it privately. See the List of Correctors for possible names.

What do I have to do to get my text revised? Procedure for submitting a text

  1. Format: Word document, 1.5 line space, numbered pages
  2. Include a front page with your Name, Department, Supervisor, Title, Contact number/Address, Number of Words without Bibliography, and Deadline Date if you have one
  3. Indicate which pages you would like revised (see page limits above)
  4. Send papers in an email attachment to the English Unit


Allow a minimum of 10 working days for revision

Backlogs may sometimes occur during the year; we encourage you to keep in touch with the English tutors


Papers can be handed in once they are completed or in short sections

Papers can also be handed in for revision after your departmental deadline


Can I discuss my revision with the teacher?

Each revision is followed by a feedback session with the teacher.

The aim of the feedback session is to:

  • Clarify doubts or questions with the revision or problem areas that have emerged
  • Develop strategies for learning from your errors
  • Discuss further ways of improving your writing skills
  • Provide exercises and/or discuss areas for further language revision
  • Assist in setting up a plan for the next phase of the writing process

Revision of papers in other languages

You can have papers revised in three languages other than English:

For any other languages you will have to arrange private revision. Some correctors on the List of Correctors offer languages other than English.

If you have any questions, contact the English Unit.


Page last updated on 13 February 2018