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Centralised Web Services

The EUI Web Unit is part of the Communications Service; we are responsible for the management of the centralised web services and we chair the EUI Web Working Group.

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Centralised web services


EUI centralised web services

24/7 monitoring

Continuity of service

Daily support

User friendly documentation

Trainings on webtools



  • [Institutional Website]
    • www.eui.eu
    • Integration with EUI corporate applications
  • [EUI Blogs]
    • Centralised network of blogs and personal websites
  • [Project websites]
    • Centralised service for
      projects, working groups
      and other websites (e.g. stateoftheunion.eui.eu)
  • [Web analytics]
    • Digital business analysis & report
  • [Cyber security]
    • Digital security & data protection
    • Tag Manager for cookie script
  • [Multimedia]
    • Live web streaming
  • [Accessibility]
    • W3C & WCAG 2.0



Page last updated on 12 January 2018