Work Package 7

Final Report



To prepare a book manuscript on the basis of the conceptual and comparative reports developed in WP5 and also on the basis of the case study reports developed in the course of the project.

To draft the final report in a publishable form.

To finalise all project research reports and policy briefs or other output and publish it on the web site.

To follow up on the regional workshops developed in WP8 with a view to exchange the project’s outcomes beyond the life of the project


Description of work

Task 7.1 Partner 1 (EUI, Triandafyllidou) and Partner 2 (Uni Bristol, Modood) will edit a book manuscript on the basis of the Country Synthesis Reports and the Advances on Tolerance Theory in Europe report. This book manuscript will propose theoretical and empirical advances as regards the concepts of tolerance and its relationship with notions of pluralism, liberalism, multiculturalism, secularism as well as the applications of tolerance in different contexts.

Task 7.2 Partner 1 (EUI, Triandafyllidou) will draft the final report with the contribution of input from all partners with regard to their case studies their main conceptual and empirical findings, their dissemination activities and their policy recommendations.

Task 7.3 The coordinating team (partner 1, EUI) will complete the publication of all project output into the project web site.

Task 7.4 The coordinator in cooperation with all partners and in particular the NGO partners of the ACCEPT project will optimize the project reports and other output from the dissemination activities making it accessible via the web site and also through targeted email to interested partners and through appropriate linking with the web sites of the partners and with the web site of NGO, migrant organizations, academic depositories as well as public institutions and forums dealing with cultural diversity.

All above tasks will be finalized by month 39 when the project ends.



D7.1 Book Manuscript on Conceptual and Empirical Advances in the Study of Tolerance and Cultural diversity.
D7.2 Final Report (to be delivered on month 39)


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