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Europeanization and Tolerance in Turkey: The Myth of Toleration (London: Palgrave, 2013 March)


This book by Prof. Ayhan Kaya discusses the ways in which ethno-cultural and religious diversity has hitherto been handled by the modern Turkish state within the framework of the discourse of tolerance in line with the contemporary Europeanization process. Depicting the major challenges to the traditional Kemalist nation-state project such as the Alevi Question, the Kurdish Question, the Headscarf Question and the processes of Europeanization, the book will also include an historical account of the notion of tolerance in the Turkish context dating back to the heydays of the Ottoman Empire. Based on qualitative survey findings, this work is an attempt to unravel the myth of tolerance in Turkey. 

Multiculturalism (second edition)


In his second edition of this widely-read book, Tariq Modood adds new vigor to the claim that multiculturalism remains a living force shaping our polities, even as its death is repeatedly announced. He updates his original argument with two new chapters and reassesses the relationship of multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and assimilation, demonstrating that multiculturalism is crucial for successful integration. He also argues that the challenge of multiculturalism to existing forms of secularism should not be exaggerated into a crisis and we should stay focused on the urgent need to include Muslims in contemporary conceptions of democratic citizenship.

While not directly emanating from the ACCEPT PLURALISM project’s research work, this new edition has incorporated readings, reflections and comments from theoretical research undertaken in it.

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Rougier, N. (2013) The hijab in the (denominational) Irish education system – tolerated or accepted?

Education Inquiry, Vol. 4, No. 1, March 2013, pp. 787–804. Available online here





Addressing Tolerance and Diversity Discourses in Europe 


Addressing Tolerance and Diversity Discourses in Europe: A Comparative Overview of 16 European Countries (2012), edited by Prof R. Zapata-Barrero and Prof Anna Triandafyllidou is the outcome of the ACCEPT research European team. edited by is the outcome of the ACCEPT research European team.

This book discusses the ways in which different states have dealt with diversity dilemmas. It considers what tolerance means in different countries and under different circumstances. It also casts light to the relationship among concepts such as tolerance, acceptance, respect, pluralism, integration or assimilation and questions which concepts provide an appropriate base for policy making.

The book, published by CIDOB, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, is available online.

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