Facing the Far Right

Posted on Wednesday 13th February 2013


                                                               Facing the Far Right

                                                              Local Civil Resilience

                                       Roundtable with local organizations (in HUNGARIAN)
                                                             ACCEPT Pluralism Event
                                                          15th February, 13.00 - 16.30
                           Central European University, Budapest, 1051, Nádor str. 9, Popper room

The aim of roundtable is to provide the opportunity for organizations, activists, and local politicians to speak about their experiences of how they organized themselves locally against the undemocratic, radical and racist far right movement.




Moderator: András Becker (journalist, atlatszo.hu)

Examples of resilience I.

Jenő Setét: The founder of the Ide Tartozunk! (We belong here) Roma Community Movement will speak about how a local community can organize itself and be prepared if the radical far right is planning a demonstration in their community. 
Gyöngyös: The far right was in town last year, civil activists and the local government joined forces to “welcome” them.
Hejőszalonta: Two years ago the far right organized a hate march in the village; the locals with the help of civil activists and the mayor organized a picnic to demonstrate their strength to repudiate hatred. 

Examples of resilience II.

Kerecsend: Last year the far right organized a rally in the village. The locals and the Roma self-government responded with a religious mess to the provocations.
Miskolc: The far right marched in the town in the Avas neighbourhood. Local and national civil organizations organized the one of the most important Roma demonstrations.
Veszprém: the association called For an Enlightened Veszprém organized last year one of the biggest counter-demonstration against the far right. At the time of the roundtable they will be busy with demonstrating again since the far right party will be in town.   

15.00-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-16.30 Plenary


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