Building a democratic and human school in Athens

Posted on Monday 8th July 2013

The presence of migrants in Greek public schools brought to the fore the serious problems of the educational system in the country - there is a lack of basic infrastructures, educational material, teachers’ training, while curriculums are obsolete and unable to tackle new realities. Various teachers around Greece have made serious efforts and developed numerous activities so as to address this important population change; such attempts, though, have not been recorded or studied in depth, even if they could be adopted as examples by other teachers in the country.

For this reason, Haravitsides’ book comes to remedy for this gap in literature by focusing on an initiative taken by some teachers in a primary school in the centre of Athens with many students from a migrant background who aimed at enabling the students’ peaceful coexistence along with their successful school performance. Moreover, the book studies the impact of such endeavor on students, their parents and school educators. Petros Haravitsides argues that teachers by interacting with the whole school community and enacting participatory processes in both the realization of educational projects and decision making managed to materialize the ideal of a democratic and human school.

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