Diversity Management in Spain

Posted on Wednesday 10th April 2013

Diversity Management in Spain: new dimensions, new challenges (Manchester University Press) is a new book by Prof. Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Professor of Political Science at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain), and director of GRITIM-UPF (Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration) and ACCEPT Pluralism member.


In the current critical European dilemma as to whether to increase diversity policies or move towards an assimilationist policy, it is difficult to know what the Spanish approach is. Because immigration is relatively new, government policies are struggling to manage the diversity it entails.

This book will first argue that Spain can be considered a context of “multiple diversity”, where two frameworks interact: an old, unresolved one, arising from the democratic transition, and a new one due to immigration. This explains, as a second step, the Spanish practical approach, where recent past and its different traditions play the role of an iron cage, limiting institutional innovation and structural change. This is why, as a third step, the author proposes a heuristic model to better understand the current “Spanish laboratory of diversities”.

In order to go through these three steps, the author analyzes in depth three case studies, which have been at the forefront of the political and social agenda these last decades: education, the workplace, and political rights.

At the end, the reader will have an updated overview on how Spain is managing diversity, empirically informed and theoretically founded, highlighting current new dimensions and normative challenges.  Given that the book theorizes facts and conflicts, and that the findings come from European research and the quality of methods used, it can target a wide range of different audiences: most researchers in social science, graduate and postgraduate students, PhD students, professionals, policy makers and international stakeholders.


For more on the newly released book please click here.

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