Cultural Diversity: Advantage or Liability?

Posted on Tuesday 19th March 2013

Cultural Diversity: Advantage or Liability?

6-8 May 2013, Academy of Global Governance,

European University Institute, Florence, Italy


New deadline for Application: April 7th!


General Description

In an increasingly globalised world faced with an international financial crisis, cultural diversity risks to be seen as an additional ‘burden’ that societies have to ‘carry’ and it is sometimes even questioned why cultural diversity should be accommodated or respected at all. The purpose of this executive training is to mainstream the topic of cultural diversity across a variety of disciplines (law, sociology, political science) and engage into a dialogue on whether cultural diversity is a ‘disadvantage’ that societies have to bear or whether it actually offers a competitive edge in different areas of socio-economic activity.


Please find attached the complete Programme of the Executive Seminar.


Speakers and topics:

Gemma Aubarell | Anna Lindh Foundation: Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue as an Asset.
Myrtha Casanova | European Institute for Managing Diversity: Cultural Diversity to Stimulate Growth: Institutional Perspectives and Programmes.
Irene Guidikova ‎| Council of Europe: Urban Policies for Diversity: Making the Diversity Advantage Work.
Frans Jennekens ‎| NTR: Cultural Diversity and the Media.
Jacquelyn Maclennan and Jo Weiss | White & Case: The Business Case for Diversity: Cultural Diversity and Human Resources Policy in Multinationals.
Mechthilde Maier | Deutsche Telekom: The Business Case for Diversity: Cultural Diversity and Human Resources Policy in Multinationals.
Ulrike H. Meinhof | University of Southampton: Cultural Diversity as an Advantage: Using the Arts for Socio-Economic Development.
Tariq Modood | University of Bristol: Cultural Diversity: What Is It and How Can It Be Accommodated? Empirical Analysis and Theoretical Perspectives.
Francesco Palermo | University of Verona: Cultural Diversity: What Should Be Protected, Why and How?Legal and Normative Perspectives.     
Stuart Soroka | McGill University: Cultural diversity and Social Solidarity.
John Wrench | Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Cultural Diversity and the Individual: How to Fight Against Discrimination. European and Comparative Analysis of Discrimination and the Policies for Equality.


For more information on the program and procedure of application please visit the Global Governance website.   

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Basic Information


Project Coordinator:
Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou,
Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (European University Institute)

Funded by: the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities

Duration: 1 March 2010-31 May 2013

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