ACCEPT Pluralism Workshop in Berlin, Germany

Diversity in Education

European University Frankfurt, Viadrina, ACCEPT and Tolerace

29 June 2012



The dissemination event in Berlin was organised as a stakeholder workshop for experts in the field of education and brought together findings from two different EU-projects on tolerance: ACCEPT Pluralism and TOLERACE. It was designed as an opportunity for presenting the major findings of the projects within the field of education to Berlin stakeholders in this field and for gathering feedback and discussing the research and its findings. It was also a networking event for the education experts.

The programme started with a short presentation of the two research projects followed by more detailed presentations of the projects’ findings on education.

IMG5686The findings of TOLERACE were mainly situated in the specific area of transition from school education to professional education and/or the labour market, while the ACCEPT findings were touching upon the situation at German public schools. Both projects mainly dealt with the question of Muslims as the major point of public debates as a religious minority both within the field of education and the society at large.


Education experts, also engaged into migrants‘ education, discussed the theoretical impact, as well as policy recommendations of ACCEPT project, which was followed by the presentation and elaboration of the Handbook on Tolerance and Cultural Diversity in Europe. Lastly, some best practice projects in the field of education and religious minorities and other ideas for the school practice were presented and discussed among the participants.


The Berlin dissemination event was thus not only valuable for the researchers of the two EU-projects in regard to feedback about the studies and the handbook on education, but it also raised awareness among stakeholders in the field of education towards the situation of (in-) tolerance towards Muslim religiosity in public schools and the creativity and potential of active young Muslims for finding new solutions to the problems and conflicts in school and society at large.



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