ACCEPT PLURALISM and GRITIM-UPF policy workshop in Barcelona:

Immigrant policies at local level: From discourse to practice.

19 March 2012, Barcelona, Spain


How do practitioners conceive the implementation of policies? Which factors do they think are affecting directly or indirectly the efficacy of projects toward migrants? Which aspects are considered as being more important in translating a discourse into practice? Are there limits to what one can and cannot do? These are some of the challenges faced by practicioners in implementing institutional discourses.


The growing importance of non-toleration to immigrants in political discourses and the concerns it is raising among scholars and stakeholders has originated the organisation of this GRITIM-UPF Workshop, in colaboration with the ACCEPT PLURALISM project in Spain. The Workshop more especifically centered on the nexus between political discourses and local administrative practices. It was conceived in order to raise discussions and exchanges between academics, stakeholders and practitioners.













The workshop was composed of two sessions:

  • The first one examined the discourses of political parties on migration through the results of two projects led by members of GRITIM-UPF.
  • The second was a round-table with local administations practitioners, who were presenting their experiences and reflections about the different challenges they face when implementing policies related to migration.




For further details, download the minutes.

Full programme in English and in Spanish.