Accept Pluralism Workshop in Thes/ki, Greece

NGO Symbiosis, Media Diversity Institute, Union of Journalists of Macedonia- Thrace, Open Society Foundation and ACCEPT Pluralism research project

Social Cohesion, Racism and Public Speech

13th-14th September 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece



This roundtable brought up issues of social cohesion and security as well as migrant integration at a time of an acute financial (and perhaps also moral) crisis in Greece that shatters the already fragile basis of an inclusive society that had emerged slowly in the past 20 years. Panels focused on several interconnected themes:

  • minorities and migrants in urban centres and borders,
  • racist violence and xenophobia,
  • public speech, equality and citizenship,
  • undeclared labour and vulnerable social groups,
  • social media and alterity.

    Journalists, academics, policy makers, civil society representatives and activists participated in this dialogue about how state, media, collectivities and individual citizens can face the current rise of xenophobia and the dismantling of social cohesion, both in the country and in Europe in general.



    The ACCEPT Pluralism co-sponsored this event with a view to carrying forward the research already conducted on issues of intolerance in Greek political life during the past two years.  Anna Triandafyllidou presented briefly the project rationale in general and Hara Kouki the results of the Greek case study concerning challenges to tolerance in political life with main reference to the rise of the far right and the changing terms of the public and political discourse as regards migration. The event also included a short presentation of the ACCEPT PLURALISM Handbook on Tolerance and Xenophobia, which was distributed to the participants.


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    Program of the event in Greek and in English 

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