ACCEPT PLURALISM, Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion.

Responding to the Challenges of the 21st Century in Europe

First Project Meeting

European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 8-9 July, 2012



The kick-off meeting of the project ACCEPT-PLURALISM was held on 8th and 9th July 2010 at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

This first meeting  brought together 16 out of the 17 participants of the project, the project officer Ms Louisa Anastopoulou (European Commission-DG Research) and two members of the project's advisory board, Mr Terry Martin (journalist and communication consultant to the EC) and Mr John Wrench (Senior Scientific Officer at the European Union Agengy  for Fundamental Rights).







The programme of the meeting focused in two different axes, an introductory one the first day, and a case-oriented one the second day.


DSCN7606bThe first day opened with a welcome message from the Coordinator of the project prof. Anna Triandafyllidou and the Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS), prof. Stefano Bartolini. After a short introduction by Anna Triandafyllidou on the project's focus and aims, Ms Louisa Anastopoulou very explicitly presented the Commission's expectations from the ACCEPT PLURALISM project. After the lunch beak, Mr Terry Martin presented useful tips for a successful communication strategy, while providing fruitful criticism on the project's external visibility up to now (brochure, logo, depliant, website). His suggestions were discussed by the two NGOs partners of the project Ms Sarah Levin (Banlieues d'Europe) and Ms Doris Peschke (the Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe). The day was closed with an introduction to the conceptual background of the project by prof. Tariq Modood, who thus opened a long - but necessary- debate on what is meant by tolerance and in which way will it be treated within the ACCEPT-PLURALISM project. Tariq Modood proposed a three-class approach on tolerance which was longly debated and enriched with new elements. [First day's important issues & some conclusions]

The second day of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the draft state-of-the-art reviews on tolerance and cultural diversity in the 14 member states and one accession country (Turkey) taking part in the project. The previous day's debate on the meanings of tolerance was again pursued with the aim to suit every different country context. Prof. Veit Bader attracted the participants' attention to the difficult choice of the key challenging events on tolerance and cultural diversity that should be investigated in each country; those events, on one hand, should be comparable to each other so as to reach fruitful conclusions, and, on the other, should be indicative of and meaningful for the situation in each country. The meeting closed with an attempt from the Spanish team (prof. Ricard Zapata Barrero and Dr. Blanca Garcés-Mascarenas) to fix a conceptual framework for the use of the notion of tolerance appropriate also for the exploration of key-challenging events on the political sphere. [Second day's important issues & some conclusions]

Download the presentations of the 1st day (8th July 2010) here:

EU expectations from the  project 

[Louisa Anastopoulou, Project Officer]


Tips for a successful project

communication strategy

[Terry Martin, memer of the Advisory board] 


Issues of management

[Serena scarselli, Head of Research Administration, EUI]



Download the presentations of the 2nd day (9th July 2010) here:

Presentation of the Irish report

by Anna Triandafyllidou


Presentation of the Dutch report by  Maurizio Ambrosini


Presentation of the Danish report by Ayhan Kaya


Presentation of the French report by Jon Fox


Presentation of the Hungarian report by Tariq Modood


Presentation of the Bulgarian report by Blanca Garcés-Mascarenas


Presentation of the Polish report by Iseult Honohan


Discussion on key challenging events to investigate in the political life of each country. Introduction by Blanca Garcés-Mascarenas.




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