Country specific Policy Briefs

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 Tolerance and Diversity Discourses and Practices in Schools




  1. polishbrief  Tolerance of Diversity in Polish Schools: Education of Roma and Ethics Classes
       Michał Buchowski and Katarzyna Chlewińska, Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań)  


  1.   Tore Vincents Olsen, Aarhus University  


  1. germany  Acceptance of religious diversity in German public schools
      Nina Mühe, European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)


  1. france  Tolerance in Discourses and Practices in French Public Schools
      (english and french versions)
      Riva Kastoryano & Angéline Escafré-Dublet, CERI-Sciences Po


  1. turkey  Challenges of Diversity in Turkish Education
      Ayhan Kaya / Istanbul Bilgi University


  1. dublin  Challenges of immigrant religious diversity in Irish schools
      Iseult Honohan and Nathalie Rougier – University College Dublin


  1. bulgaria2  Religious diversity in Bulgarian schools: Between Intolerance and Acceptance 
      Marko Hajdinjak and Maya Kosseva – IMIR


  1. bulgaria1   Roma in Bulgarian Schools: Desegregation supported, segregation maintained
       Marko Hajdinjak and Maya Kosseva – IMIR


  1. netherlands  The Netherlands: Challenging Diversity in Education and School life  
       Inge Versteegt and Marcel Maussen - University of Amsterdam


  1. greece   Diversity in Greek schools: What is at stake?
       Anna Triandafyllidou - European University Institute
  1. logo_su_en_big_dark_blue   (In)tolerance and Recognition of Difference in Swedish Schools
        Fredrik Hertzberg, Stockholm University




Tolerance and Diversity Discourses and Practices in Political Life



  1. turkChallenges of Diversity in Turkish Politics: Circassians
    Ayhan Kaya


  3. hungaryThe Rise of the Extreme Right in Hungary and the Roma question 
    Zsuzsanna Vidra and Jon Fox


  5. MilanologoTolerance in Discourses and Practices in the Italian Political Sphere 
    Maurizio Ambrosini & Elena Caneva


  7. greeceRising Intolerance in Greek Political Life  (version: English and Greek)
    Anna Triandafyllidou and Hara Kouki


  9. bristol60x60British Muslims and the 2010 Election 
    Jan Dobbernack, Tariq Modood & Nasar Meer


  11. marcaUPFhomePolitical Discourses and Intolerance toward Migrants in Catalonia 
    Flora Burchianti and Ricard Zapata-Barrero


  13. franceTolerance in French Politicital Life; Diversité et laïcité en politique
    (english and french versions) 
    Angéline Escafré-Dublet and Riva Kastoryano

  14. Sami_flag.pngTolerance in Swedish political life 
    Ulf Mörkenstam, Andreas Gottardis & Hans Ingvar Roth

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