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Theses Defended in the SPS Department


For theses in the Department of Political and Social Sciences, please consult the EUI Publications Repository, Cadmus. The Library keeps a copy of all Ph.D. theses defended at the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Unless specifically requested by the author, a copy of a Ph.D. thesis may be taken out on loan.



Theses defended in 2018  



Lars Berntzen 120xTitle: The Anti-Islamic Movement. Far Right and Liberal?

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI/SNS Florence, supervisor), Susi Meret (Aalborg University), Olivier Roy (EUI), Jens Rydgren (Stockholm University)

Thesis defended on 23 February 2018, Bio & Abstract


Koen 120Title: Public Policy and Inequality in Higher Education

Jury: Hanspeter Blossfeld (EUI/University of Bamberg, supervisor), Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI), Herman van der Werfhorst (University of Amsterdam), Carlo Barone (Sciences Po Paris)

Thesis defended on 13 February 2018, Bio & Abstract


Despoina Karamperidou 120xTitle: The Business of State-Building. How Business Shaped Local Government Performance in Post-Conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jury: László Bruszt (formerly EUI, SNS Florence) (Supervisor), Dorothee Bohle (EUI), Ioannis Armakolas (University of Macedonia), Florian Bieber (University of Graz)

Thesis defended on 15 January 2018, Bio & Abstract


NinaTitle: The asymmetric impact of Europe on national parliaments. The Swedish case

Jury: Stefano Bartolini (EUI), Torbjörn Bergman (Umeå University) (external co-supervisor), Christoffer Green-Pedersen (Univ. Aarhus), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 6 March, 2018, Bio & Abstract

Lorenzo PICCOLI (IT)

Lorenzo PiccoliTitle: The politics of regional citizenship. Explaining variation in the right to health care for undocumented immigrants across Italian regions, Spanish autonomous communities, and Swiss cantons

Jury: Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Supervisor),  Andrew Geddes, (EUI), Maurizio Ferrera (University of Milan), Liesbet Hooghe (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) (via videolink)

Thesis defended on 11 April 2018, Bio & Abstract

Julia RONE

julia_webTitle: "Don't worry, we are from the Internet!" The Diffusion of Protest against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement in the Age of Austerity

Jury: Donatella della Porta (SNS Florence/EUI, supervisor), László Bruszt (SNS Florence/EUI - in absentia), Paolo Gerbaudo (King's College London), Sebastian Haunss (BIGSSS, University of Bremen)

Thesis defended on 22 February 2018, Bio & Abstract

Katharina WOLF (DE)

Katharina WolfTitle: Europe's Military Responses to Humanitarian Crises

Jury: Ulrich Krotz (EUI, Supervisor),  Antonio Missiroli (NATO), James Sperling (University of Akron), Jennifer Welsh (EUI)

Thesis defended on 13 April 2018, Bio & Abstract


picture Tomasz webTitle: Towards Fiscalization of the European Union? The European and American Fiscal Unions in a comparative historial perspective

Jury: Alexander H. Trechsel (University of Lucerne/EUI - supervisor), Sergio Fabbrini (LUISS Guido Carli), Alojzy Z. Nowak (University of Warsaw), Sven H. Steinmo (University of Colorado, Boulder - by videoconference)

Thesis defended on 15 March 2018, Bio & Abstract

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