Per Mouritsen

Head of the Danish Research Team 

PerMouritsen4JPGPer Mouritsen, Ph.d. (EUI) is Professor of Political Theory and Citizenship Studies in the Political Science Department, Aarhus University where he was previously director of the Centre for Journalism Studies. He participated in or directed many Danish and European research projects within political theory, migration studies and journalism, including the 6th Framework program EMILIE. He currently works on a book on citizenship and a small comparative project on the civic integrationist turn in North-Western Europe.



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Project Coordinator:
Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou,
Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (European University Institute)

Funded by: the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme, Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities

Duration: 1 March 2010-31 May 2013

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