Nathalie Rougier

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Nathalie RougierNathalie Rougier holds a Licence, Maîtrise and DEA in Social Psychology from the Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France, and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Ulster at Jordanstown, Northern Ireland (PhD thesis: Ethno-Religious Identities: An Identity Structure Analysis of Clergy in Ireland, North and South, 2001). From 2004-2006 she was a researcher and research co-ordinator for the ITENIBA Project (Intergenerational Transmission and Ethno-National Identity in the Border Area) at the Geary Institute, University College Dublin. In 2006 and 2007 she collaborated to two projects at the Kommission für Migrations- und Integrationsforschung (KMI), Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, in Vienna, Austria - one analysing the Commission’s Communications on the development of a common European immigration policy and the other comparing facets of the Immigration Policies of six European countries. Her main research interests revolve around issues of identity construal and (re)definition over time and across socio-cultural contexts; inter-group and inter-cultural relations; integration and acculturation processes; stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.


Recent publications:

‘Does being Protestant matter? Protestants, minorities and the re-making of ethno-religious identity after the Good Friday Agreement’, with Jennifer Todd, Theresa O’Keefe and Lorenzo Cañás Bottos, National Identities, Vol. 11, 1, (2009), pp. 87-99.

‘Adolescents' Explanations for Paramilitary Involvement’ with Orla Muldoon, Katrina McLaughlin and Karen Trew, Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 45, 5, (2008), pp. 681-695.

Political Transformation and National Identity Change: Comparative Perspectives, with Jennifer Todd and Lorenzo Cañás Bottos, Routledge 2008.

Migrationssysteme in sechs Ländern im Vergleich. Vorläufiger Endbericht zum Projektauftrag der AK Wien, with Bernhard Perchinig (2007), Kommission für Migrations- und Integrationsforschung (KMI), Vienna, Austria

‘Religious and National Identity after the Belfast Good Friday Agreement’, with Orla Muldoon, Karen Trew, Jennifer Todd and Katrina McLaughlin, Political Psychology, Vol. 28, 1, (2007), pp. 89-103.

‘Fluid or frozen? Choice, crisis and change in ethno-national identification in contemporary Ireland’, with Jennifer Todd, Theresa O’Keefe and Lorenzo Cañás Bottos, Nationalism and Ethnic, Vol. 12, 3-4, (2006),,15,15;journal,1,15;browsepublicationsresults,947,1321;pp. 323-346.

‘Generations on the Border: Changes in Ethno-national Identity in the Irish Border Area’, with Lorenzo Cañás Bottos, Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, Vol. 12, 3-4, (2006),,15,15;journal,1,15;browsepublicationsresults,947,1321;pp. 617-642.

‘The Moral Boundaries of the Nation: The Constitution of National Identity in the Southeastern Border Counties of Ireland, with Jennifer Todd, Orla Muldoon, Lorenzo Cañás Bottos and Katrina McLaughlin Ethnopolitics, Vol. 5, 4, (2006), pp. 365-382.

‘Basic Primordialism in Ethnic and National Identity’, with Peter Weinreich and Viera Bacova, In P. Weinreich and W. Saunderson (Eds.). Analysing Identity: Cross-Cultural, Societal and Clinical Contexts. (2003, pp. 115-169). London: Routledge.

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