Marko Hajdinjak

Head of the Bulgarian Research Team  

MarkoHajdinjak Marko Hajdinjak Works as a project coordinator and researcher at IMIR. He holds a BA degree in Southeast European Studies from American University in Bulgaria, and an MA degree in Nationalism Studies from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (Master thesis: Yugoslavia - Dismantled and Plundered: The Tragic Senselessness of the War in Yugoslavia and the Myths that Concealed It, 2001). He has previously worked at the Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia, as a research fellow in European Program. His research interests include the conflicts in former Yugoslavia and creation of post-Yugoslav nation-states, nationalism and development of national identities, migrations, and organized crime in the Southeast Europe.



Research experience:


Summary of Recent Publications

  • “Slovenia: Xenophobia as Mainstream Politics” (in Ost-West-Gegeninformationen, Nr. 3/2004, pp. 44-49),
  • “Tolerantly Ethnic and Aggressively Civic?: Redefining the Definitions of Nationalism” (in Studies on Nationalism from CEU. Budapest: Central European University, 2004)
  • “The Root Cause of Instability in the Balkans: Ethnic Hatred or Trans-border Crime” (in Root Causes of Instability and Violence in the Balkans. Lugano: Institute for Mediterranean Studies, 2005).
  • "The Rifle Has the Devil Inside": Gun Culture in South Eastern Europe (Belgrade: South Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC), 2006). Co-author.
  • Forced Ethnic Migrations on the Balkans – Consequences and Rebuilding of Societies (Sofia: IMIR, 2006). Co-editor.



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