Josie Christodoulou

ChristodoulouJosie2hdJosie Christodoulou holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Indianapolis (USA) and a MA on Racial Equality Studies and Youth Justice Probation and Criminology from Middlesex University in the UK. She has worked as a social advisor for migrants and refugees at the Action for Support Equality and Antiracism (NGO) and as a project coordinator at the EU program Youth for Europe. Josie has also worked as an assistant researcher at the Labour Institute of Cyprus and at the Commissioner for Administration [Ombudsman’s office] as an officer responsible to investigate complaints related to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. Her research interests include gender, migration and social exclusion; trafficking in women for the purpose of sexual and labour exploitation; racism in education and the labour market.


• Coordination and Supervision of Resource Book: Integration of  Female Migrant Domestic Workers: Strategies for Employment and Civic Participation, Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, University of Nicosia, 2008.

Mapping the Realities of Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation, Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, 2007.


• Measures to Integrate Women Refugees in the society in Cyprus and to promote a Multi-cultural Society. Project Report, 2005

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