Fredrik Hertzberg

Researcher, Stockholm University


FredrikHertzberg3Fredrik Hertzberg is a lecturer at the Department of Education at Stockholm University. He was previously active as a researcher at the National institute of Working Life in Stockholm, and at The Multicultural Centre at Botkyrka, Sweden. He received his PhD in Ethnology in 2003 at the Stockholm University. His dissertation, Gräsrotsbyråkrati och normativ svenskhet, focuses on sense-making processes and conceptualizations of street-level bureaucrats (employment officers) in dealing with unemployment among youth of immigrant descent. His research interests include social identities and social categorizations, the politics of multiculturalism in education, school-to-work transition and processes of ethnical and racial exclusion. He has edited research volumes on right-wing extremism, discrimination in politics and policymaking, school-to-work transition and social exclusion.


Some Recent Publications

  • (With Magnus Dahlstedt) “Democracy the Swedish Way? The Exclusion of ‘Immigrants’ in Swedish Politics”, Scandinavian Journal of Political Studies, 30 (2): 175-203. (2007).

  •  (Editor, with Magnus Dahlstedt, Susanne Urban & Aleksandra Ålund) Utbildning, arbete, medborgarskap: Strategier för social inkludering i den mångetniska staden. Umeå: Borea. (2007)

  • “Formaliserade möten, tidigarelagda val. Reflektioner kring gymnasieutredningens syn på övergången från skola till arbetsmarknad”, Utbildning och demokrati, 17 (1): 53-74. (2008).

  • ”Failure as difference. Employment agency officials representing the labour market chances for youth of immigrant descent.” I: Helena Blomberg, Annika Forsander, Christian Kroll, Perttu Salmenhaara & Matti Similä (eds) Sameness and Diversity. The Nordic Werlfare State Model and the Integration of Immigrants on the Labour Market. Helsinki: Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. (2008).

  • (Editor, with Mats Deland & Thomas Hvitfeldt) Det vita fältet. Samtida forskning om högerextremism. Uppsala: Department of History, Uppsala University. (2010).

  • (With Daniel Hailemariam) ”Pedagogik, potential och projekt.” In: Åsa-Karin Engstrand (ed) Möjligheternas marknad. En antologi om företagare med utländsk bakgrund. Stockholm: Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. (2010) . 

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